A sinkhole can sounds like something from some supernatural thriller that takes over the planet. A sinkhole does sound like a weird phenomenon but what it sounds like is what it looks like. Basically in our yards when parts of the ground sink or depress they are called sinkholes. We know how to fix these sinkholes because we have had a long relationship with fixing these. When we repair sinkholes they do not come back. However they are frequent enough through Orlando that we have had plenty of practice in dealing with them. Getting Orlando Foundation Repair to repair you sinkhole and concrete lifting is probably the best decision you have made all day.

Where Do They Happen?

If they were something from science fiction television show or drama maybe sinkholes would happen mid air in your kitchen. They are unfortunately not as supernatural as that, or that exciting. Sinkholes tend to develop along outside walls or possibly in the garden. They sometimes also occur in the lawn. When considering the work to be done on a sinkhole there are quite a few things to consider. Where the sinkhole is one of the first concerns. The location of the sinkhole will help the homeowner determine if repairing the sinkhole will cause other disturbances to their property. Getting an expert always makes this rationalizing much easier.


As the name indicates a sinkhole is a hole. It can be difficult to tell just from looking at the sinkhole how deep it actually goes. Again it is always best to leave these things to experts but if you wish to figure out the depth of your sinkhole before calling us we highly suggest you stay as far away from the sinkhole as possible and use a probe. When you use the probe to figure out the depth of the sinkhole you can then decide how much easier safer and better a professional repair of the sinkhole would be.

Safety First

We are sinkhole experts. We understand the ins and out of sinkholes and how dangerous they really can be. That is why we highly recommend hiring a professional to deal with them. A professional like us and or one of our contractors that have years of experience and a ton of training are the best for fixing your sinkhole. When we repair a sinkhole we always take safety into consideration n as our very first step to every move. No one wants any collapsing sinkholes to injure any member of your family or our staff.

What Causes a Sinkhole?

When the lawn has a patch in that looks like it has gotten a bit concave and no one knows why? We call that a sinkhole. What causes a sinkhole is usually the irrigation of underground water. Maybe water isn’t draining the way it use of there has been a lot of rain this year. Something happens that causes the rain to push aay a lot of soi l and displace it from its original hold. When the soil gets loose and move around not having that stable foundation it was giving the grass, big vacant spots below the grass can form. This is what a sinkhole is.