Orlando Foundation Repair


When it comes to foundation repair we know how imperative it is to get it done quickly. No one wants to live in a house for long when it feels like the foundation is shifting. We have been in Orlando for years now and with our professional certifications superior training and years and years of experience we know how to get you where you need to be. When your foundation is having problems you need and want the best in the business and we are going to lie, that is us.

About Us

We are from Orlando. We love Florida and we love Orlando. There isn’t anything that compares to living and working in the place you know so well and love. When we started this we knew what Orlando needed. We put out feelers out and didn’t get anything that seemed like the foundation repair company we knew Orlando deserved. We knew we could be that company, the one that set the standards so the bar was raised in all of Orlando, in all of Florida. We wanted to raise the standard for these services.
​We strive to be the best and most trusted choice for your residential and commercial foundation repair services.
  • In the 8,000-plus projects completed for residential and commercial property owners since 1989, we have a zero failure rating.
  • We specialize in new construction foundation supports and foundation repairs of all types.
  • Our foundation experts will not only recommend the right solution to your problem, but will also provide service that is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Financing Available through Greensky and Enerbank.
  • Referral Program for the following services
    • Foundation Repair
    • Crawl Space Repair and/or Encapsulation
    • Concrete Lifting and Leveling
    • Exterior Drainage Solutions
  • Transferable Limited Lifetime Sinkhole Stabilization Warranty
  • 25 Year Limited Product Warranty​
  • Free Foundation Repair Consultation or Estimate
  • Utilizing solutions such as helical pier and anchor systems, push pier systems, and wall anchoring systems, We have the experience, expertise and products to fix foundation structural problems including:
  • Bowing and leaning basement walls
  • Settling of heavy structures such as large homes, offices and apartment buildings
  • Settling of light structures such as decks, stoops and porches
  • Failing retaining walls
  • Settling columns in crawl spaces

We can do whatever you need when it comes to foundation repair. When you need your foundation repaired you want it done right. That is why you have come to the foundation experts, foundation settlement repair cost, Foundation crack, how much does foundation repair cost. We fix foundation problems at a great low cost of fixing foundation. We are Orlando’s Foundation Repair Specialists, and we have the best foundation contractor. When you need help repairing a foundation floor crack, or preventative maintenance for pier beam foundations, Pier and beam, block and base, settlement repair, structural damage repair, crack concrete, or slab repair we can do all the for you professionally and fast. When you need a foundation inspection, house leveling, or are experiencing settling problems, or cracked slab- we are the ones for you. Our jobs are the best top affordable repairs in Orlando and they come with a free inspection estimate. Repairing concrete crack is our specialty and we use a mix of traditional Foundation Repair methods with newer ones to make the perfect balance. We get great foundation repair reviews because we have great foundation repair services. We also do commercial and residential jobs.



Our contractors are trained and professional and have been doing this work for years. Not only has this business been established in Orlando for as long as we can remember but we have gained so many hours of in the field experienced that we can pass on to every employee it is like everyone that has worked for us has always been here from day one. Crawl Space Repair is a skill that we have mastered.


When your property and foundation need waterproofing you have come to best in the industry. Here at Orlando Foundation Repair we know how to waterproof your foundation so the job will be done right and you will never have to worry about any kind of flooding weakening your foundation. When we waterproof we do it so the waterproofing lasts longer than you could ever imagine.


When you need your pier and beam repaired we can do it for you so it is done quickly and effectively in no time. When you get your pier and beam fixed by us it will be like nothing ever happened and the pier and beam were always in tip top condition. Pier and bream repair can be a big pain so you want the professionals and the best in the business. We know better than anyone that we are the ones for this job. Looking forward to hearing from you.

“Orlando Foundation Repair has some of the best cost in the state when it comes to concrete lifting. We really needed some help and were googling for foundation repair companies near us. They were the first one that came up and we were so pleased when they did because we had heard the name from the neighbors. They were excellent. Super professional and the results were amazing.” Liz B.


“When you need the best you get the best with these guys. They really came through. Our seawall was on the verge of collapsing and they came in right in time. They fixed it up like new and never again will be in such a panic. You can tell their job was the real thing. They took it seriously and knew what they were doing.” Kevin H.


“Wow. Just wow. They did amazing things to get our pier and beams back to the way they were. Now it is like they were always brand new and amazingly strong and just installed. So glad we found them.” Greg L.



When you have a sinkhole it can cause a lot of problems. Getting a sinkhole fixed at a price that isn’t going to break your bank account can seem like a feat in itself. We offer our professional services delivered by our thorough professional experts. When our contractors come to your repair a sinkhole they do it with such expertise it will be impossible to believe there ever was a sinkhole. Not only will they do an amazing great job of repairing but our contractors work for us and our wonderful prices will make you and your wallet very happy.


When you need concrete lifted we have the perfect service for you. Getting that old slab on the right track can seem like an impossible task. That is until you phone us. Once you have talked to one of our highly trained professionals you will have full faith that your concrete lifting will be done in no time and everything will be back to way it was before you needed it lifted. Our services in this area have been perfected with our skills and out time.


Whether you need that extra wall to keep the sea at bay or to keep the soil from spilling onto your driveway we have the engineering and technicians to get that done in expert time. Our retaining wall and seawall expertise is very impressive. We work fast and we work well under pressure. Your seawall and retaining wall will be back to new in no time.


​It isn’t always the best of times to make new friends, but when you are going through foundation problems or your seawall is looking like it is having some problems you can call us. We are the specialists. We pride ourselves in the importance of taking customer service very seriously. When you need to get your foundation repaired phone us and we can help answer all your concerns so you feel confident you choose the right help you need.