Concrete slabs aren’t always as stable as they seem. The foundation of many homes, houses, buildings and structures concrete slabs are the basis of where the construction begins. Before the building happens there is a lot-planning happening and that planning is usually going on around the ground, the soil because that is the first surface the structure will sit on. Our contractors understand everything that goes into the initial building of a house and this makes them the best contractors you can get in Orlando for foundation repair and retaining wall & seawall repair. When we tackle a concrete lifting job we understand exactly what and how it needs it to be done.

Why Do I Need Concrete Lifting?

With time most concrete slabs will start to sink into the earth they were laid on or they will crack. This happens because the soil the concrete on will inevitably shift and become dry, or it is possible. It will become the opposite and get very damp if there is an increase in moisture and rainfall. Either way the drying of the soil loosens and cause shifting, which means the concrete, becomes destabilized. This can cause cracks and sinking. The extra moisture can cause upwards pressure on the concrete also causing cracks. When the sinking starts the entire structure can begin to sick and that is when you the concrete to be lifted.


In Orlando we are the best at figuring out what is going on so we can properly lift the concrete of a house. Our contractors have engineering background are very familiar with all of the architecture of Orlando. With our state of the art equipment and tools our contractors are fully equipped to help you the best way the can. Not only do they have the best in the industry equipment but they also are all certified trained and have plenty of knowledgeable experience. Our professional expertise has got us to where we are today and the rumors are true. We know our craft and when we work for you, you will get the best results in all of Orlando.

Slab Jacking

Slab jacking is a technique used to help raise a house that is sinking or having other structural problems. Slab jacking is sometimes called other things like concrete lifting and or mud jacking. This is a process that is very simple. When you use slab jacking to lift concrete worrying about breaking the bank wont be a concern for you. Slab jacking used by our contractors and their very methodical approach to their craft, will ensure you’re your concrete slab is stabilized. When you hire us to this for you we do it so there are never any additional cracks or damage to your slab.


When you get your concrete lifted you are investing in stabilizing the structure of your home. It is most likely you are going through the stressful realization that some part of the house may be sinking and the cost of lifting slab is causing you to stress or worry. However when these problems are hit straight on it is the best way to deal with them. When you have our team working for you it will be crystal clear how getting your concrete lifted was the best investment you could have made. With out results not only are you saving your house you are improving on what you already had and increasing the property value of your home.