Our foundation repair for waterproofing your home is some of the best in Orlando. This is because we know the problems that can occur when your foundation is failing you. Having a leaky basement can cause the entire structure of the house to weaken. When you need to waterproof your home there is a structural problem from before that is failing to protect your house. When we address leaks in your foundation we address these issues. By assessing the state of your home, the soil that it is built on and the quality of the material and the initial structure we can begin to waterproof your foundation.

Leaky Basement Problems

The foundation part of your house is most likely underground. This foundation is what your house sits on and where your basement sits in. When you are having leaky basement issues your basement can become the home for many unwanted growths, as well as a seemingly cozy place for pests and animals that enjoy a humid environment. Having a leaky basement can be caused by improper drainage or cracks in the foundation itself. This is problematic because your entire home is sitting on the foundation. When your basement is leaking, take note. Make sure to get a professional into look at it right away.

Assessing Basement

When the basement is leaking there are a couple things that can be done. First the source of the water must be addressed. Is it coming it from a clogged drain, or is seeping in through a crack. When the source of the problem has been located then the proper action to repair it can be made. The years of experience that we have had in the field of foundation repairs and Pier and beam repair helps assess buildings. When we are in a basement trying to figure out where the dampness is coming from we know what signs to look for. As the experts in Orlando we bring to your household professionalism in waterproofing that you will not experience else well.Pier and Beam Repair

Customized Waterproofing

As mentioned above the unique aspects of every foundation and every building come into play when doing a good job waterproofing a home. No one method of waterproofing can be universally applied. When we are waterproofing your basement we are taking into consideration everything that is happening in the basement, the source of the leak, the soil on the other side of the wall, the age of the building and who maybe built it and what materials are involved. We always consult the homeowner with our plans of waterproofing so nothing we do to your home goes on without your permission.


We understand the invasive project that waterproofing a basement and foundation can be. We know that when we come to fix these problems for you it may seem like we are taking over your house and that is the last thing we want you to feel like you are experiencing. We go through we assess and we work within our expertise to the max efficiency. Our contractors are well-trained experts with a lot of experience under the belt. When our job of waterproofing your home is done you will be nothing but relived. You will barely know we were even there because always clean up after ourselves and make sure we leave a job with the best results and everything as it was.