Crawl spaces seem to get a pretty unfair reputation. They are so often the haunted corner of the home where evil slimy things manifest. This isn’t completely uncalled for, mind you. It makes sense in a lot of sense in ways because the crawl space can have a lot of creepy things going on. Dank and dark if there is a lot of dampness there can be mold or pests that crawl and nest making the space certainly a perfect setting for a horror movie. But that is why we are here to take care of that for you.

Crawl Space Experts

When you are in a jam with your crawl space and it needs to be encapsulated we are the professionals to do that for you. We know everything about repairing crawl spaces so you do not have to worry about it. At Orlando Foundation Repair we completely understand how you need your crawl space perfect. Crawlspaces are the heart of the household. When it is gunked up with pests, or leaking with cracks you need the best experts in Florida to get it up and going and that would be us. When we work for you we treat your crawl space as if it was our own.

Structural Repair

When your crawlspace is leaky or off tilter then you need to make sure that it is fixed right away. When it comes to structural repair of your crawlspace our contractors can assess where the structural problems lie. Then with the experience and expertise that we have we apply that in the custom ways your specific crawl space and waterproofing needs. Our construction and engineering experience makes crawl space structural repair a breeze. Having your crawlspace restructured will strengthen the entire structure of your house. Access to the crawl space needs to be clear and safe. The door should be hinged properly and the doorway on correctly.

Leveling The Floor

Sometimes the structural repair of the crawlspace isn’t just about the door and the doorway. It is also involving the outside structure of the house and soil around the house. This also included the floor of the crawlspace. When your crawlspace floor is off and not level it can cause you a lot of problems. Not only is it is hazard but it makes it difficult to use the crawlspace and keep it properly dry and clean. This is where we can help. When we repair a crawl space we always check for how level the floor is and then we work from there.


A crawl space has a reputation for a dark dank place full of unwanted pests. The extra moisture in the space can get trapped and cause dangerous mold and invite guests that like gross watery places to live. Mold is a major health hazard that not only makes people sick but also if someone is allergic to it, having mold in the house can be fatal. It is important that your crawlspace have proper ventilation. We know how to make sure that your crawl space stays super dry. When we dehumidify your crawl space you will never have to worry about its dampness getting in the way of the health of your home again.